June 22, 2016

Hey loves!

A while back I saw Sara from AboutLittleThiings take part in this tag, and being a book lover myself, I was interested in doing it as well. I spend a huge chunk of my time with my head between the pages of a book, invested within a story with remarkable characters.

I suck at making introductions for posts, so let's get on with the questions!

1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

Kind of. I usually find myself reading in my bed because I mostly read at night. I really want to create a reading nook in my room specifically for reading and mediating (something that I'm trying to get into).

2. Where do you like to read?

Anywhere really. I read in my bed, living room, kitchen, etc, but I do want to read more in nature. I spend most of my time reading indoors and I think a change of scenery and fresh air will take my book experience to a new level.

3. Bookmarks or random pieces of paper?

What's a bookmark? LOL. I usually decorate a random index card and use that, but recently I've been using a tag that came with my hoodie from the store (peep the picture above). It's pretty cute and I've gotten a few compliments on it.

4. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop at a chapter?

I find it rude to stop in the middle of a chapter. I have to stop reading at the end of a chapter. If I'm sleepy and my eyes feel like their about to close, I put in the extra effort to make it through. I can't pick back up in the middle of a chapter either because I usually don't know what's going on and I have to read previous sentences to familiarize myself with what I'm reading.

5. Do you eat or drink whilst reading?

Mmm, neither honestly. Remember in elementary and middle school when the librarians would always tell you to never eat or drink while reading? Well, that's one thing from my younger years that stuck with me. But I usually have water nearby because a girl gets thirsty, especially when there's some action going on in the book.

6. E-reader or real book? 

Real book. I've never had an E-reader. I personally love the feel of holding a physical copy of a book in my hands. I love looking over at my shelf and seeing all the books I've collected. I sometimes even hug my books. Is that weird? I can definitely see the convenience of owning an E-reader and maybe I'll get one someday, but for now, I enjoy my real books.

7. Music or TV while reading? 

Neither. Although I can read with noise around, I prefer not to. I am easily distracted and might end up seeing the lyrics to the song I'm listening to rather than the words of the story.

8. One book at a time or several at once?

One book at a time. I'm that type of person who if I'm reading more than one book at once, I'll either confuse the characters/plot or just go ahead and read one book and then the others one at a time anyway.

9. Reading at home or everywhere?

I read anywhere and everywhere. I always carry a book around me wherever I go because you never know when the perfect reading opportunity can strike.

10. Read aloud or silently in your head?

Silently in my head. Does anyone actually read aloud? I've tried once and my mouth got tired of moving after two sentences. Plus I talk so much that the sound of my own voice can get a bit irritating.

11. Fiction or non-fiction?

Fiction all the way. I usually shy away from non-fiction because the genre is uninteresting to me, but if you have any good non-fiction books, please leave them in the comments. I'm always open for giving new things a try.

12. Do you read ahead or skip pages?

Neither. Not anymore at least. You see, when I was younger, I would always skip to the last page of a book and read what happens at the very end. It became a bad habit because after reading the last page, I would feel compelled to read the last chapter, which would then spoil the entire book for me. So now I just refrain from reading ahead and skipping pages all together.

13. Break the spine or keep the book like new?

Keep the book like new! I am so delicate with my books that even the slightest tear will throw me off.

14. Do you write in your books? 

No, but if I do find parts of the book, such as quotes, that really stick out to me, I will either write the quote down or add a post it note to reference back to the page.

15. Your favorite book? 

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. Hands down. Anytime someone asks me what book they should read, I always recommend this one. This novel is more than just another love story; it's a life story. Yes there's romance, but there's also amazing character development and an overall message that I think everyone needs to be reminded of. If you haven't already, go to your local library or book store or wherever you obtain books, and read Me Before You. Then we can discuss it's awesomeness.

I wish this tag had more questions because I can talk about bookish related topics for days. But all great things must come to an end.

Who do I tag? I tag all my fellow book lovers to take part in this, and if you do, send me the link because I'd love to read your answers.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a blessed day!

xo, kathlyn

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