January 4, 2017

It's 1:43 am on January 4th and I just got this urge to write. I bought Me Before You on DVD earlier this week, and if you know me, it's my favorite movie, book, and story. I'm a sucker for a good romance novel, but this work of fiction means so much more to me than just another love story. This novel shaped the outlook I have on life now, and gave me a new perspective on my body and how I treat it. Its message is nothing I've never heard before, but the way it was developed is what makes it so special to me.

You have woman whose never stepped outside of her comfort zone, puts others before herself, and just lives a life of existing. I connected so much with Lou's character because I saw myself in her. When I read her character, I felt like I was looking at a mirror. My comfort zone is my favorite place, it's where I feel safe. I always look out for others before myself. This even extends to me lowering my light, my confidence around others so they won't feel uncomfortable in any way. And worst of all, I just exist. I wake up, go on with my day, and head to bed, only to wake up and do the exact same thing the next day. It's honestly sad.

Then comes a man, Will, who changes everything. He shows Lou that life is so much more than just pleasing others and existing. Life is a gift, an opportunity that is only temporary, which is why making it memorable is so important. We only get one shot at this, and it's vital that we don't waste it away. Now, I don't have a Will Traynor in my life or anything, but the fictional character is enough for me. As he helped Lou break out of her shell and chase after the life she truly wanted, I also felt apart of me was learning to. I was learning to step out of my comfort zone and see the dangers of living in it. Yes, it's stress free and I feel at ease in it, but how am I suppose to grow as a person when life is full of ups and downs, which will make me uneasy and a little stressed here and there?

It's crazy that a romance novel has such a huge affect on me, and not just emotionally. But let's talk about that for a second. The love that was shared between Lou and Will was so realistic and genuine that when the ending came around, I was doing more than sobbing, I was clenching my heart because I felt the same way as Lou. I mean, Will gave her something more than just a modern love, he showed her who she really is. And I don't know what's more beautiful than that. This is the type of relationships I strive to have. Relationships that are more than just "goals" or based off of materialistic items. I want, no, I crave for something much deeper than that. I crave for someone to make an impact on my life, and vice versa. Will set my standards pretty damn high.

Whenever I read, watch, or think about this story, my heart beats a little faster, my breath quickens, and my eyes begin to swell in tears. Some may read this and think I'm absolutely insane, but I really don't care. The way this book has touched me is too powerful to be affected by what anyone has to say. It's changed my outlook, my life.

So Will, Lou, you are both scored on my heart. Thank you.

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