January 23, 2017

I haven't touched a human in three years. That seems like it would be a difficult task, but it's not. Not anymore, thanks to the internet.

I am, quite possibly, the most popular recluse ever. Not many shut-ins have a 200-member fan club, a bank account in the seven-figure range, and hundreds of men lining up to pay for undivided attention.

They get satisfaction, I get a distraction. Their secret desires are nothing compared to why I hide... my lust for blood, my love of death.

Taking their money is easy. Keeping all these secrets... one is bound to escape.

What if you hid yourself away because all you could think of was killing? And what if one girl's life depending on you venturing into society?

Enter a world of lies, thrills, fears, and all desires, in this original thriller from A. R. Torre. - Goodreads

Words cannot describe my love for this story. Before I read it, I already had an idea of how I expected things to go, but mid way through the book, my expectations were not only meant, but exceeded. The Girl in 6E is a work of fiction. You follow the life of Deanna, a cam girl who goes by the name of Jessica to everyone else. She has this, what would you call it, disease? Disorder? Idk. But she has this quench for blood, a desire to kill. That's why she locks herself in her apartment 6E. A lot of the plot is getting to know Deanna, her back story, and her clients. Half of the plot is that alone, but the other half is something you'll just have to read on your own (mwuahaha).

I mean, Deanna is really the only character in this book. Although there were other characters involved in her life and story, I think it's best to keep them secret until you read the book. Each character serves a unique role in this book, and I found myself attached to one very special one (wink wink).

This is an erotic thriller. There is A LOT of mature content. I mean, she's a cam girl, what do you expect? A lot of different subjects were talked about, pedophilia being one of them. If that in anyway bothers you, please refrain from reading this. With that being said, I loved the writing. I'm a huge fan of reading in 1st person. I feel more connected to the main character that way. I was able to put myself in Deanna's shoes, and felt for once what it's like to literally be isolated from society. At times, it was hard to read, but I loved that. The difficulty means something. It's a new perspective and I appreciate Torre for letting me see and feel that.

Final Thoughts & Rating
Y'all this book was fantastic. I couldn't have picked a better one to start the year off with. This book consumed me. I learned a lot about camming and that entire world. It's not talked about so openly in society, so it's neat that I got a little insight into it. I can easily give this book a 5 out of 5 stars because I gained something from it; a new perspective. And to me, that's what reading books is all about. Gaining new perspectives you didn't have, or expanding the ones you already have. Please, give this book a read.


Have you read The Girl in 6E? Thoughts on it? If you haven't read it, are you more inclined to? 

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